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    1. Introduction & How to Use This Course

    2. Should I Represent Myself?

    1. Intro to the Legal System

    2. Civil vs. Criminal Law

    3. Understanding the Parties - Who's Who?

    4. Jurisdiction

    5. State Courts

    6. Federal Courts

    7. Arbitration

    8. Appellate Courts

    1. Understanding the Basics of Your Case

    2. Timeline Template

    3. Evaluating the Strength of Your Claim or Defense

    4. Identifying and Collecting Evidence

    5. The Role of Expert Opinions

    1. Types of Legal Resources

    2. Accessing Legal Information - Free Resources for Pro Se Litigants

    3. Using AI & ChatGPT

    1. Intro to Initiating a Lawsuit

    2. Choosing Your Jurisdiction and Venue

    3. Choosing Your Causes of Action

    4. Understanding Your Statute of Limitations

    5. Calculating Your Damages

    6. Creating a Proof Analysis

    7. Proof Analysis Template

    8. Drafting Your Complaint

    9. Filing & Serving Your Complaint

    10. Answering/Responding to a Complaint

    1. Mediation

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